boobs take over.

without beating the 'vote for bob' drum - it seems that the boobs have it. bob has slipped pages behind...

please, be a good bob, vote today



bob beats boob!

i knew we were better. come on bob is all natural. defies gravity. wholesome family fun.

sniff...sniff... thank you all. without your votes it would never have happened.

i am so proud.

bob on, my patriotic voters, bob on.


bob is evolving...

we have been around for about 2 weeks now. we have lofty goals. cue the angels singing "aaaahhhhh" a 2008 calendar "aaaahhhhh". to do that we need, um 350+ quotes (we haven't ironed out the weekend issue - slash the saturday and sunday or give each day their own page).

we have just over 100.

100 bobalicious quotes. 100 ideas thrown into the proverbial pot. 100 people who think that bob is cool - or just wanna see their name in print. bob doesn't care. either way works. it's all good.

one of our first is still our favorite - sheep are dumb. it is rich. nonsensical. clean. simple. bob like.

we are looking at where to go from here. how does a smiley face grow? do we add a body? a nose? friends? do we advertise? and if so, how? the usual links, print media, etc. just keep plugging away with an odd sense of humor, an unusual quote collecting hobby and posts that don't really go with each other - but because of that - go together perfectly?

bob is learning the way of the world. will he do it in time for the 08 publishing deadline? will it matter?

bob on, my friends, bob on.


help us beat the boobs.

bob is currently listed thirteenth on humor 100's list. say it with boobs is listed 10th.

is bob really better with an exta 'o'?

vote for us. please.

bob rants

it had to happen. enough with the bob is always happy and funny. and a little bit odd.

bob gets a bit of, ahem, fan mail. most of it is pleasant. bob photos. quotes. other bob sites. we also get a few of the 'i just learned what f*&k is and i am proud' emails. whatever. congrats to you. but the one that gets bob's goat is the 'i don't get it' email.

it seems. that in this world there are some people that just need to make sense of things. bob is not something to overthink. there is nothing to understand. bob is bob. forwards and backwards.

gretchen in falls church gets it - sheep are dumb
anonymous in santa rosa gets it - don't lose your flip flops on a plane
bob in the computer room gets it - every bob will have zen one day
paul in ny gets it - please understand that on the inside of this two dimensional face i'm really unstable..

ridiculous. nonsense. makes you laugh. that is what bob is.

bob is cool. bob is bobilicious. bob is a fad. a figment. a novelty. bob is a legal stress release. bob is whatever you want him to be.

don't try to understand bob. just be bob.

bob on, my friends. bob on.


bob's top 10 holidays for 2008

everyone should celebrate these.

february 14: international quirky alone day
february 28: national tooth fairy day
may 26: national bob day
june 5: festival of popular delusions day
july 15: be a dork day
august 10: national s'mores day
august 31: eat outside day
october 19: dress like a dork day (send a card to celebrate)

ok - so there are only 8 and they are heavy on the dork.
we need 2 more - any ideas?

bob on.


new quotes up

bob fans should be proud - we had to sort through many bobalicious quotes to update the page.

check to see if yours is there.

while we love honoring new bobs, it seems a shame to knock off the previous quotes. would you be interested in an archive of past quotes? after all, sheep are still dumb.

bob on, my friends


calendar countdown begins...

we are getting close.

lots of good quotes out there - we have begun picking the best of the best for publishing. but we need a few more winners.

help spread the word. submit your quote and then pass the link along to your friends/family.

thanks friends and as always, bob on.

Comedian Drew Carey to Replace Bob Barker on Price is Right

Genial comic Drew Carey was tapped Monday to replace silver-haired legend Bob Barker on the CBS daytime game show "The Price is Right." Carey confirmed the deal during a taping of the "Late Show" with David Letterman.

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bob says: daddy day camp is 2.5 out of 4 bobs

went to the movies today. brought the baby bobs.

say daddy day camp. it was appropriate for school aged bobs and older. no foul language, some potty humor, mild violence (think paintball and arrows).

it was as underwhelming as the first one (daddy day care). wasn't bad. definitely nothing to write home about (now write in a blog is a different story).

a quote came in during the movie: tim in escondido, ca said:
the friendliest animal in the world is a wet dog.

how true.

bob on my friends.


bob is....

a noun.

a verb.

a palindrome.

a nickname.

a boob with one less 'o'.

a celebrity.

a wanna be.


bob on, my friend.


bobs speak out

got some new quotes up. much praise to the bobs.

sheep are still dumb.

bob on my friends.

happy national smores day!

i am so excited.

thought the day would never get here.

national smores day. the dessert trifecta. taste bud paradise.

wow, picking who gets august 10th on the calendar will be tough.

any bob quotes out there that could hold a candle to the sweet goodness of graham, chocolate and marshmallow?


bob on!


AIM and the instant messaging world

today i signed up for an AIM account. screen name abobaday.

i have several friends already. i chatted with spleak today. she seems to think that my name is too long and has decided to refer to me as "come".

maybe im's are a bit much for a bob like me.

what do you think?


check it out

now i am on myspace too!

is there no end to my reign????

at this rate it will be difficult to choose the lucky quoters to publish.

bob on!

bob a day is born

about time.

we here at bob's are psyched!

the official press release contains the following:
www.abobaday.com visitors can contribute their favorite saying, signup for the bob a day newsletter or browse bob merchandise. 366 lucky contributors will have their saying immortalized on a page a day calendar.

it about sums it all up.

so, if you know a bob, are a bob or even if you just play one on tv - we want to hear from you.

bob on!