voodoo bob.

bob's having 'one of those days'.

you know the kind - there is a real intelligent boob (not a typo) that makes your life miserable. you can feel the walls closing in. the anger and frustration rising. you ignore it by playing online games. you try to do something positive and focus on work. in the end. nothing. works.

bob has a solution! online voodoo dolls!

a quick google search shows many, many possibilities.

our favorites:

*** guzer.com - you can name your voodoo doll in this one as you perform various acts of torture: a boiling pot of water, staple gun attack, repeated vehicular 'accidents'. make sure the sound is turned on - think 80's flashback.

** virtual design - another one to have your sound on for - without it you just don't get the same satisfaction - hear the object of your frustration cry out in pain as you poke, slash and burn him. complete with x eyes.

* mmd factory - this one is just "eh". although you do get to perform your torture on a separate screen free of ads.

voodoo lounge - deserves a mention - but honestly - sticking pins in a cat kinda freaks us out. click on one of the figures on the front page to, um, poke them.

if those don't do it for you - there's always the home curse kit. but hurry - this ebay auction ends on the 10th.

bob on, my friends, bob on.


Robert Morschel said...

:-D Great blog. You must know what you call a man floating in a swimming pool with out any arms or legs? .... Answer: Bob.

bob said...

ahhhh....pun on, my friend, pun on.

Two Feathers said...

How funny! You never know what silliness can be found on eBay!

bob said...


utopia for shopaholics.

bob on!