benefits of being a stick figure

there are many. to review:

- don't have to watch your figure, no love handles.
- never have to get a haircut.
- don't get carded at the liquor store.
- not paying taxes.
- you can always add on an inch, if you know what i mean.

anything else?


blah blah blah

seriously. i guess i am bored. bobbed out (sounds so much better than petered - ya know - and who the h-e-double hockey sticks is peter anyway?).

so i was googling the other day....now we all google our names - come on, i know you do it. but have you ever googled your name - with an expletive after it? for example: bob sucks

it's not good.

people don't like bob. although most of the negativity is geared towards the absorbent one - sir sponge. there are pages and pages of people who have it in for the poor misguided sea creature - who befriended the somewhat slow starfish patrick.

awwww....poor guy.

go ahead - google your name and sucks. do share.

bob on, my friends.