5 reasons why fruit flies rock or why i love the black bellied dew lover

  1. too small to be hit with a flyswatter.
  2. official name: drosophila melanogaster which is greek for black bellied dew lover
  3. fully grown in a week
  4. "females become receptive to courting males at about 8-12 hours after emergence" - omg - and that's without alcohol!
  5. their wings beat 220 times - per second.

it's true. wikipedia told me so.

bob on!


given the stick figure porn....

bob goes under cover:

courtesy of ivillage's make over matic (which is only for the ladies - how sexist!). bob gets a new look. now the paparazzi will have a hard time finding him when the next scandal erupts.

shhh. don't tell.

bob on, um i mean, barbara on?


bob *exposed*

it has come to our attention that naked pictures of bob have been circulating through the internet. we are shocked that people would want to post pictures like this:

have they no shame? please, if anyone spots a picture of bob out there - we beg you to let us know so that we can eliminate this stick figure porn. shameful.

bob on, my friends


get the skinny, rat on your neighbor, then move.

zip skinny that is.

everyone's a nosey neighbor. come on, you know you peek in the windows at night...no, i'm not gonna call it in - instead i am here to feed your addiction.

check out http://www.zipskinny.com/ put your zip code in, then put in your holier than thou brother in law's zip and compare. which neighborhood really is better? proof is in the pudding my friends.

let's say statistics aren't your thing. you are too busy being pissed off at the guy down the street who parks in front of your house - right after you shovel a foot of snow out of the space. then bob's got the answer for you as well http://www.rottenneighbor.com/ oh this concept is so sweet. based on google maps - it gives you the opportunity to bitch, moan and complain about your neighbors. everyone should know about the crazy house on the corner - dontcha think?

ok - so after cruising through the zip codes and checking on the hood - you decide it is time to move. wanting more than the basic mls realtor search - you head to craigslist - but it is all too much for you. calm down there johnny, there is a better way: http://www.housingmaps.com/ a crazy awesome site that combines our beloved google maps with craigslist. how freakin cool is that?

that's it boys and girls.

bob on!



couldn't think of a subject. blog block. too much work and not enough play makes bob a dull boy.

so what about long words. spelling. seriously. if it weren't for spell check.

i know you know what i mean.

how about definite. how many times have you seen it definate? at this point, shouldn't it be changed? ooooh, another word pet peeve. who celebrates valentime's day? or goes to the liberry? wait - nevermind. it is a mute point.

ha ha ha ha

i gotta get out more.

bob on!