couldn't think of a subject. blog block. too much work and not enough play makes bob a dull boy.

so what about long words. spelling. seriously. if it weren't for spell check.

i know you know what i mean.

how about definite. how many times have you seen it definate? at this point, shouldn't it be changed? ooooh, another word pet peeve. who celebrates valentime's day? or goes to the liberry? wait - nevermind. it is a mute point.

ha ha ha ha

i gotta get out more.

bob on!


Mask Man said...

I know what you mean Bob, I am a notoriously bad speller. I actually had a blog post show up on Dave Barry's blog because of a misspelling in it. OOps..but I got a ton of traffic from that misspelling.

Bob Johnson said...

How about redicules, I see it spelt that way all the time, even from teachers I know. I should tallk if not for spelchek id be toost.

bob said...

mask man - that is cool. so bad that it is good. damn. congrats on the dave barry plug.

bob (love the name) - eye two knead spell cheque.

bob on my friends!