ode to pie

pie. yummy goodness.
apple. strawberry. key lime.
spectacular treat.

january 23rd
mark your calendars


bob vs. 100

bob's been chillaxing watching the telly. the other night it was 1 vs. 100.

the premise of this show is a 'mob' of 100 people fight to prove who is the bigger imbecile - the combined group or the contestant. bob could take em all. seriously though - a mob? make it more interesting...bring in the real mob.

the godfather, tony soprano, et al.

think of the possibilities. some questions could include:

what did al capone die from?

gunshots * syphillis * cancer * execution

who wrote the godfather?

puzo * brasi * gambino * santa

the execution of a member of the american mafia is called omerta.

true * false

you could study up by taking mafia quizzes online. once again, a google search revealed that bob isn't the only person looking for useless mob trivia. some of the best quizzes can be found at 123facts.com and allthetests.com.

better study up though - get it wrong and you might get whacked.

fuggedaboutit. bob on.

111 votes.

make a wish.

bob on!


bob gets serious.

someone close to bob has ms. multiple sclerosis. a real bastard of a disease. with no known cause and no cure, it's here for the long haul. you might know someone who has it too.

the cliff notes version of ms: something is causing the coating around the nerves to be compromised. this leads to a disruption of the signal from brain to (fill in the blank, could be anywhere). sometimes this comes and goes, other times an attack starts and never stops. the results are ms symptoms. the list can be long or short, common ones include numbness, vision problems, muscle weakness, and fatigue. it could really be anything that your nerves control - think bladder control, phantom pain, swallowing - anything.

sometimes ms is invisible to the outside. with relapsing/remitting you can get lucky and go years without symptoms. but is that really lucky? is wondering all of the time if something is 'the next attack' really a good thing? is crying because your eye is twitching, knowing it signals the drop of the other shoe lucky? are medicines to slow the progression of ms really all that good - when the side effects reduce your quality of life?

bob doesn't think so. ms sucks.

for this reason, bob is giving a great big shout out to a bunch of lovely ladies who are organizing a new year's eve fundraiser for the national multiple sclerosis society. these ladies have ms. they hate ms. they want to find a cure for ms. let's help them.

www.apartyandapurpose.com (a party and a purpose dot com)

if you are in the dc area, attend. if not, donate. if unable to donate, spread the word.

in the contact area for the event site it says: "together we can move mountains".

bob on, my mountain moving friends, bob on.


bacon, oh the sweet meat of the pig.

smelling bacon. (not running from the cops) yum.

crunchy. salty. breakfast's saving grace. a reason to wake up in the morning. a cardiologists best marketing piece. fat, sodium, fiberless. mmmmm.

bob loves bacon. really. i should be kept away from farms. swine amour. long story. don't ask. imagine my surprise when i found out that other people love bacon too.

iheartbacon.com best. site. ever. i've already arranged to snag that url as soon as possible (which should be soon, as bobalicious as the site is - no new posts in quite a while, damn you bacon girl).

or what about robots delivering bacon in the am? is the future here now? baconrobots. their moto: because the only thing better than bacon is a hot animatronic lady to cook it for you. doood. rosie, let me lube you up.

the finale. why it's the bacon of the month club. seriously. start your christmas shopping early. this is it. the grand poobah of gifts. show someone you care today. send em dead pig.

sing with me....


bob's a weeeeeener!

we won, we won! it's award time here at abobaday. woo-hoo. we were sooooo flattered to have received our FIRST awards, ever, within minutes of each other. how freakin cool is that? seriously. i'm off to buy the lottery ticket - now.

without further ado. our first award is manly. chest thumpin, remote holding, sport watching, manly. it's blue. with a guitar. it is only for us guys. and it came from a real babe. cyberpenguin over at seecoreyrun was kind enough to bestow this bobalicious honor on us. and now we will pay it forward. the 3 winners are:
  • your relevent. bob digs the concept. the icon is cool. the english is wrong and i think that is what we love most. ok, the icon is really cool.
  • pointlessbanter. blog as stated. congrats are due, you should be proud.
  • D.C. over at boredom relief. cause seriously, we all could use a little relief, no?
there are 2 'awesome guy blogger' award rules: 1) bragging is encouraged. please link back to your name in lights to prove your manliness. 2) share the wealth. there's a ton of good blogs out there (and a bunch o crap too - but that's a different award), find a few and hit em up with the good stuff. first time is always free.

next up is our bodacious blog award. stay tuned.
bob on, my faithful followers, bob on. jam daddy out.


just call me jam daddy.

jam daddy in the house.

yo yo yo.

that is my official rap star name according to: rapstarname.com

quite proud to be called jam daddy, i went on a search for lyrics. i found underground hip hop for dummies. perfect, just what jam daddy needs. i bob on over there and the secrets of the rap underworld are on display. A small sample:

"Lyrics: And my jam knock in the Mitsubishi Girls pee pee when they see me, Nava-hoes creep me in they tee pee As I lay down laws like I lay carpet Stop it - if you think your gonna make a profit

TRANSLATION:I enjoy playing my music loudly on my car stereo. Apparently, women enjoy this also because they become sexually aroused when they see me driving. Oddly enough, when I visit the Native American reservations, some of the more sexually promiscuous Indian women attempt to seduce me in their homes. Their intent is to divest me of my earnings. Such actions are unacceptable."

i'm off to get me some honies.

bob on, my friends. jam daddy out.


just a quickie...

had to post - we hit 50 votes.

bob on!!

seriously good quotes.

as we get ready to take pre-orders for the calendar (if you are super eager, send an email and let us know you want one!), the quotes are getting better and better. bobalicious even.

some of our recent favorites:
'i must procrastinate, immediately, without delay!' this was written by a true bob - bob t. from new yawk. it's good to be bob.

lisa, in san diego says 'but i don't want to be a pirate'. it seems her inner bob gets seasick. it's ok lisa, you don't have to wear the eye patch.

bill, also from san diego (hey maybe he is the one that wants lisa to be a pirate!) told us to 'build a bridge and get over it.'

let your bob free today

ask and ye shall receive.

apparently bob's got looks. style. charm.

we've had a shop over at cafe press for a bit, 'organic bob' was one of our favorites, but now we introduce our new smiley button!

wear it loud and wear it proud. everyone should have one. get em while they're hot.

bob on, proudly.


fechr. thumbs up or down?

fechr. a new site to create buzz. the idea is they will redirect to one site each day. we've seen some good sites on there already, including one of our favorites (and yours i'm sure) bloggrrl. right now, you can get on the site by blogging about them. after that, there will be a fee to be featured.

bob thinks it is groovy.

what are you waiting for? get featured!

sucker for a free t.

you can win a funny t shirt over at everybody go to. all you need to do is write a post and your name is in the draw. how cool is that!

ok. that was a lame cut and paste. seriously though - contests are cool. tshirts are cool. nekkid is better though.

bob on, my friends.


voodoo bob.

bob's having 'one of those days'.

you know the kind - there is a real intelligent boob (not a typo) that makes your life miserable. you can feel the walls closing in. the anger and frustration rising. you ignore it by playing online games. you try to do something positive and focus on work. in the end. nothing. works.

bob has a solution! online voodoo dolls!

a quick google search shows many, many possibilities.

our favorites:

*** guzer.com - you can name your voodoo doll in this one as you perform various acts of torture: a boiling pot of water, staple gun attack, repeated vehicular 'accidents'. make sure the sound is turned on - think 80's flashback.

** virtual design - another one to have your sound on for - without it you just don't get the same satisfaction - hear the object of your frustration cry out in pain as you poke, slash and burn him. complete with x eyes.

* mmd factory - this one is just "eh". although you do get to perform your torture on a separate screen free of ads.

voodoo lounge - deserves a mention - but honestly - sticking pins in a cat kinda freaks us out. click on one of the figures on the front page to, um, poke them.

if those don't do it for you - there's always the home curse kit. but hurry - this ebay auction ends on the 10th.

bob on, my friends, bob on.


improve your slogan with bob

life is better with a little bob - so are these slogans....

let your bob do the walking.
ribbed for her bob. -or- bobbed for her pleasure. you decide.
race for the bob.
bob keeps going and going.
maybe she's born with it, maybe it's bob.
you're in good hands with bob.
there's no wrong way to eat a bob.
it's bob time.
nobody better lay a finger on my bob.
grab life by the bob.
put a bob in your tank.

most of these were made using the awesome slogan generator.

which one is your favorite?


free bottle of country bob's all purpose sauce

bob likes free things. seriously, who doesn't? that is why this is a no brainer post.

a bob product that is free. hot damn. nirvana. i can hear the angels singing.

country bob's is offering up a coupon for a free bottle of their all purpose sauce. i don't know what they mean by all purpose...but perhaps you can let us know. does it make a good rib seasoning? car wash? laundry detergent?

hook yourself up with some now.

bob on.

lots of good quotes coming in....

we are seeing more and more quotes come in - with quite a few from our friends at ijoke.tv

ijokegorilla has sent in several - our favorite: walk softly and carry a big schtick!

think you can do better? go for it

bob on, my friends, bob on.


look out - i'm it.

tag. well now. i've been bobbed by sudohnim.

the rules of this tag:

1. link to your tagger and post these rules (done).
2. list eight (8) random facts about yourself (see below).
3. tag and link to eight people at the end of your post and list their names (see even further below).
4. let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs (will do).

now onto the good stuff. eight little known bob facts.

1 - bob is a completely fictional character created by a few insane individuals.
2 - you cannot overthink bob - it will make your brain hurt.
3 - bob prefers to laugh through life, don't take it all too seriously.
4 - bob also thinks jim morrison is cool.
5 - bob really, really, really wants to publish a calendar.
6 - bob just put out an APB on elance for a virtual assistant.
7 - bob thinks filing is for squares.
8 - bob has a nickel allergy.

very cool. now onto the next victims, er, taggees....

blue sheep, joolz, gozilla, red monkey, john, bob, bob, and bob

labor day

is it better than smores day? what can be had by laboring? or not laboring? and is one day really worth it?

stick it to the man and take an extra day. your labor is worth more than 8 paid hours (well pretend it is). enjoy the day. grill outdoors. use the pool before it closes. sleep in. catch up on tivo. bob the day away.

bob is riding his bike (try to ignore the no leg thing) and surfing the web. we also updated some great new quotes on the main site.

what are you doing today? inquiring minds want to know. bob wants to know.