bob vs. 100

bob's been chillaxing watching the telly. the other night it was 1 vs. 100.

the premise of this show is a 'mob' of 100 people fight to prove who is the bigger imbecile - the combined group or the contestant. bob could take em all. seriously though - a mob? make it more interesting...bring in the real mob.

the godfather, tony soprano, et al.

think of the possibilities. some questions could include:

what did al capone die from?

gunshots * syphillis * cancer * execution

who wrote the godfather?

puzo * brasi * gambino * santa

the execution of a member of the american mafia is called omerta.

true * false

you could study up by taking mafia quizzes online. once again, a google search revealed that bob isn't the only person looking for useless mob trivia. some of the best quizzes can be found at 123facts.com and allthetests.com.

better study up though - get it wrong and you might get whacked.

fuggedaboutit. bob on.


DrowseyMonkey said...

Haven't seen the game show, but you just reminded me how much I miss the Sopranos.

bob said...

ah, the good ole days at the bada bing.

bob on, my italian loving friend.

Roger Green said...

I actually know someone who was in the mob on 1 vs. 100; tomthedog.blogspot.com. Check the blue column on the right.