fechr. thumbs up or down?

fechr. a new site to create buzz. the idea is they will redirect to one site each day. we've seen some good sites on there already, including one of our favorites (and yours i'm sure) bloggrrl. right now, you can get on the site by blogging about them. after that, there will be a fee to be featured.

bob thinks it is groovy.

what are you waiting for? get featured!


malawika said...

Hi! Thanks for visit and for add on SpicyPage! See you :)

bob said...

happy to have you here.

spice on, my friend.

Sasha Sapio said...

Seems pretty cool, I just might join.

Good post :)


sasha m!chelle

bob said...

i agree, miss sasha.

i'll update once i've been 'fechr'd'

bob on!

Anonymous said...

looks like an interesting site might check it out.

bob said...

worth a bob, zach.

bob on.