bob's a weeeeeener!

we won, we won! it's award time here at abobaday. woo-hoo. we were sooooo flattered to have received our FIRST awards, ever, within minutes of each other. how freakin cool is that? seriously. i'm off to buy the lottery ticket - now.

without further ado. our first award is manly. chest thumpin, remote holding, sport watching, manly. it's blue. with a guitar. it is only for us guys. and it came from a real babe. cyberpenguin over at seecoreyrun was kind enough to bestow this bobalicious honor on us. and now we will pay it forward. the 3 winners are:
  • your relevent. bob digs the concept. the icon is cool. the english is wrong and i think that is what we love most. ok, the icon is really cool.
  • pointlessbanter. blog as stated. congrats are due, you should be proud.
  • D.C. over at boredom relief. cause seriously, we all could use a little relief, no?
there are 2 'awesome guy blogger' award rules: 1) bragging is encouraged. please link back to your name in lights to prove your manliness. 2) share the wealth. there's a ton of good blogs out there (and a bunch o crap too - but that's a different award), find a few and hit em up with the good stuff. first time is always free.

next up is our bodacious blog award. stay tuned.
bob on, my faithful followers, bob on. jam daddy out.


RBChallenger said...

Haha, nice man!!!

RBChallenger said...

Haha, nice man!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the academy

One Wacky Mom said...

I love your blog. This is hilarious. I'm gonna link into you. Now I'm a member of the humor blog? A lot of guys don't think I'm too funny because I'm goofy.

I like being goofy...so do you.

You make me laff.

Here's my blog. My Life is Murphy's law. http://wackymom.blogspot.com

bob said...

rbc. muchos gracias for the positive comment.
kev,dooood. the academy should be thankin you!
wacko mom, goofy is my middle name: bob goofy alicious AKA jam daddy.

bob on, my friends. drink the kool aid, it's ok. promise.

jOolian said...

bob :: bodacious-bob-along now !! ha haaaa... thanx fer puttin yer Aawarrrd Bade on.... !!! Yoo rawwwk-bob-a-lop-do-Dah hardest man !! ConBoBbleGrats, ~julian

Cyberpenguin said...

So glad you're enjoying your award! Thanks for the kind mention & the comments on my blogs. Really appreciate it. You're just one really cool dude! 8-)

RBChallenger said...

Hey Bob, any interest in exchanging links? I have a Blog Roll category I can stick it up in on my main page if your interested. Might help both of us with some more participation... I see you are getting quite the fan base as it is!!!

Richard Jones

Sullicom said...


bob said...

juuuuul. iou. big time.

you present me with an outrageously bobalicious award. and. i. never pass it on. i will, i will. muchos gracias again my friend.

penguin, you are one cooool babe. (ha ha) thanks for bobbin through.

sir jones link exchange works. i'll hook you up. perhaps a post dedicated to all lovers of the bob. oooh. good idea. consider it almost done.

sulli my long lost twin with hair. you are the man.

bob on, friends. time to make the bacon.