how to save the world, part 2

i bet you didn't know that yesterday was part one, did ya? well it was. and as all things in life, we move on. part two.

when we last left our hero, we were calling old friends and holding doors. well that's nice. really it is. but we need more. this isn't going to fix itself you know. you can't have a revolution in one day.

a turnaround. a significant change. what the hell, i'm in. join me.

yesterday we featured instant gratification ways to make a difference. let's put some long haul into todays act. this isn't a flash in the pan i'm talking about here. not some one hit wonder - like come on eileen.

so, the sun rose today. we were tired. didn't want to hit the alarm. the baby was up all night, you had too much to drink, your boss is a jerk, you have a mid term today - whatever. we are alive. that is true. that is awesome. that is why we are here. we all want to change the world - the beatles. let's start at home.

say 'thank you'.

that's all. nothing more, nothing less. watch what happens. make it a part of your vocabulary. mean it. thank the sun, the grocery store clerk, your boss, your teacher, your child, your sister, your parents, your boyfriend/girlfriend. thank em. early and often.

don't you know it's gonna be alright?

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