bob is back

being gone so long - so much to talk about.

damn. in a year so much has happened: britney has hair, obama beat hillary, proximity = experience, the real estate market continued to plummet, stocks crash, everyone needs a government hand out, there is no end to the insanity!

don't want to get too deep though. i am a simple kind of man. maybe someday you will love and understand.

today's topic: pedicures, release your inner beauty queen.

it is ok. men can have soft feet too. no reason to let the chicks have all the fun. i like to have my toes caressed and legs lotioned like the best of em. just skip the wax please. and no, i don't watch bravo or play for the other team. however, i am man enough - or at least stick figure enough to admit that i like a little pampering every now and then.

come on, don't you like a good pedi too?

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