see, bob really is back - and lazy as hell

ah, saturdays.

remember, back in the day, when you were a kid....saturday morning cartoons, pajamas all morning, chores (ugh)...

now we work 7 days a week. what a crock. an outrage even. seriously - when do we chill? and when we can chill - do we? nope. texting, email, blogging, tweets, phone, the list goes on and on ad nauseum.

so i give you 'bob's 10 steps to successful chillaxin'

1 - when going to sleep, do not charge the cell phone. this simple step, once eliminated, will allow you countless hours without buzzing, ringing, vibrating, or hailing the queen (you know who you are). enjoy it.
2 - do not set the alarm. again, this is something to skip. perhaps we should rename this list - 10 things not to do to chillax. i don't care if your dog has an appointment to get her nails trimmed - get over it. millions of dogs live very happy lives with unclipped nails.
3 - do not shower upon waking. this is crucial. you simply cannot have a lazy ass day when you are properly showered and dressed - ooops, i've moved on to 4.
4 - stay in your pajamas. i don't care if you wear feetsie pjs, sweats and a tee, boxers, briefs or commando - just don't look presentable. stay comfy.
5 - drink coffee and eat leftover pizza/chinese food/steak/etc for breakfast, in front of the tv.
6 - stop looking at the damn cell phone - you are not allowed to charge it.
7 - back away from the laptop. email can wait a few hours.
8 - after breakfast, play with your dog/cat/pig/whatever. trust me, they will like it much more than going to the groomers.
9 - clean out a closet, drawer, box, purse, what have you - just make sure it is yours - otherwise it's a misdemeanor. turn on the music and reminisce - it's a good thing.
10 - rinse and repeat.

there you go. i feel like a teen again. well, without the angst and acne.

bob on, my friends, bob on.

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