bob is evolving...

we have been around for about 2 weeks now. we have lofty goals. cue the angels singing "aaaahhhhh" a 2008 calendar "aaaahhhhh". to do that we need, um 350+ quotes (we haven't ironed out the weekend issue - slash the saturday and sunday or give each day their own page).

we have just over 100.

100 bobalicious quotes. 100 ideas thrown into the proverbial pot. 100 people who think that bob is cool - or just wanna see their name in print. bob doesn't care. either way works. it's all good.

one of our first is still our favorite - sheep are dumb. it is rich. nonsensical. clean. simple. bob like.

we are looking at where to go from here. how does a smiley face grow? do we add a body? a nose? friends? do we advertise? and if so, how? the usual links, print media, etc. just keep plugging away with an odd sense of humor, an unusual quote collecting hobby and posts that don't really go with each other - but because of that - go together perfectly?

bob is learning the way of the world. will he do it in time for the 08 publishing deadline? will it matter?

bob on, my friends, bob on.

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