bob rants

it had to happen. enough with the bob is always happy and funny. and a little bit odd.

bob gets a bit of, ahem, fan mail. most of it is pleasant. bob photos. quotes. other bob sites. we also get a few of the 'i just learned what f*&k is and i am proud' emails. whatever. congrats to you. but the one that gets bob's goat is the 'i don't get it' email.

it seems. that in this world there are some people that just need to make sense of things. bob is not something to overthink. there is nothing to understand. bob is bob. forwards and backwards.

gretchen in falls church gets it - sheep are dumb
anonymous in santa rosa gets it - don't lose your flip flops on a plane
bob in the computer room gets it - every bob will have zen one day
paul in ny gets it - please understand that on the inside of this two dimensional face i'm really unstable..

ridiculous. nonsense. makes you laugh. that is what bob is.

bob is cool. bob is bobilicious. bob is a fad. a figment. a novelty. bob is a legal stress release. bob is whatever you want him to be.

don't try to understand bob. just be bob.

bob on, my friends. bob on.

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