bob's top 10 holidays for 2008

everyone should celebrate these.

february 14: international quirky alone day
february 28: national tooth fairy day
may 26: national bob day
june 5: festival of popular delusions day
july 15: be a dork day
august 10: national s'mores day
august 31: eat outside day
october 19: dress like a dork day (send a card to celebrate)

ok - so there are only 8 and they are heavy on the dork.
we need 2 more - any ideas?

bob on.


rosaleah said...

march 4th - international lemon & lime fiesta day
november 18th - feed a ferret day

bob said...

oooohh....those are good.

i am partial to march 4th - but perhaps that is my fondness for tequila.

bob on!